Anyone else…

Absolutely HAAAAATE Cilantro!? Ugh it tastes like soap!!! Now with that being said… I can usually handle a little bit of it…as my favorite taco place uses it and I deal lol. 

But I got this Chopped Asian salad ( yes one of those bag ones…judge me if you want but they are delicious) and normally again there isn’t too much cilantro in it and I can deal… but they must have used the WHOLE FREAKING PLANT this time!!! 

Cilantro is the worst! Gross little soap plant!!! 


OMG Nake Chicken Chips….

Are AMAZING!!! I know what you’re thinking… chicken nuggets from Taco Bell?! No way! They can’t be good… 

Well Taco Bell hit it right out of the park with these crispy little nuggets…chicken nuggets that is… and the nacho cheese… is actually the perfect dipping sauce for these crisp chicken chips, and unlike some other places who are super stingy with their nugget dipping sauces…Taco Bell gives you plenty of cheese! 

Ooooh Taco Bell… I am definitely a fan of your naked chicken chips and I can’t wait to eat them again! 

So I’m doing this healthy thing… 

So I’m finally back in the gym after a 6 month hiatus (eeek really has it been THAT long!?) so obviously that means the eating healthy thing is happening too, I’m going to admit this is my downfall 100% of the time. I have a terrible awful time with eating the same thing over and over (unless it’s pizza or tacos of course) so I fail because I just get tired of eating the same things…so I’m always searching for something different… 
So I found this recipe  on Pinterest

So I decided to try it. 

I definitely didn’t add enough garlic, but I love things garlicky! 

So if you are in the mood for something different definitely give this a try. 

Enjoy, and happy eating! 

September 1st is the BEST day ever… 

Does anyone else feel this way??? It means summer is almost over!!! (Sorry, I live in South Florida and this summer has been so hot! Fingers crossed for a nice Fall) 

But that’s not the real reason I love September 1st!!! 

It. Is. Pumpkin. Spice. Day!!! 

Yes!!! It’s the day I wait for all year! The day Pumpkin Spice returns to Starbucks ( now before you get the wrong idea…this is the only time of year I drink Starbucks/coffee) 

Nothing can bother me on this day, as Pumpkin Spice makes everything better! 

The first Pumpkin Spice Frapp of the season!!! 

Yes, yes, yes I know it’s all in the Spice…blah blah blah all the things Pumpkin Spice haters say… But I LOVE pumpkin. 

Fall is my favorite, and I can’t wait for the pumpkins and Halloween and all the Fall things (that I wish I was doing but I’m not because I live in the tropics and we don’t have “Fall”) 

I will not apologize for being basic in the fall! lol 🍁🍂🎃🕸


So this past Sunday I had the pleasure of marrying a beautiful couple. It was a sunrise wedding ( so super early!) 

When I woke up I was kind of cranky, for no other reason than my alarm went off at 4:30 am… Ugh 4:30 AM!!! But no matter the time I was excited to marry this lovely couple. 

When I got to the beach it was still dark, but there is something about the sea air that is good for the soul. It was a windy morning, but the breeze made it very delightful. 

Once I got to the sand the waves were crashing, the breeze was blowing, and I could feel my mood and soul lifting. It was a beautiful morning for a wedding! 

So I married the couple under this beautiful sunrise. It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony, and the groom surprised the bride by writing his own vows. It was beautiful. I wish them a forever of happiness, and thank them for letting me be apart of their special day and being able to witness this beautiful sunrise.