September 1st is the BEST day ever… 

Does anyone else feel this way??? It means summer is almost over!!! (Sorry, I live in South Florida and this summer has been so hot! Fingers crossed for a nice Fall) 

But that’s not the real reason I love September 1st!!! 

It. Is. Pumpkin. Spice. Day!!! 

Yes!!! It’s the day I wait for all year! The day Pumpkin Spice returns to Starbucks ( now before you get the wrong idea…this is the only time of year I drink Starbucks/coffee) 

Nothing can bother me on this day, as Pumpkin Spice makes everything better! 

The first Pumpkin Spice Frapp of the season!!! 

Yes, yes, yes I know it’s all in the Spice…blah blah blah all the things Pumpkin Spice haters say… But I LOVE pumpkin. 

Fall is my favorite, and I can’t wait for the pumpkins and Halloween and all the Fall things (that I wish I was doing but I’m not because I live in the tropics and we don’t have “Fall”) 

I will not apologize for being basic in the fall! lol 🍁🍂🎃🕸


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