Did you know… 

That Disney world is AMAZING as an adult with no kids!!! Amazing I tell you!!! Don’t believe me??? Try it…get a babysitter (if you have kids) if you don’t just go…

Where else can you wear crazy ears like a mouse on your head without judgement? 

Um yeah my ears are awesome! 

Plus YOU get to act like a kid again, without worry of judgement, because the great thing about Disney is that everyone is acting like a kid again! 

Now it can be tricky going to the parks in the summer time in Florida since well…rain…everyday you can set your watch by it, but it’s not all bad… at Animal Kingdom the safari stays open in the rain and the animals love it! 

Plus when it rains you take shelter and maybe you take in a show that you normally wouldn’t have seen and it’s really fun! (Which is likely since it is Disney) 

Oooh and remember that time I told you that you could be a kid again??? Well just remember that you are an adult “kid” do you know what I mean??? No? Ok let me explain… In pictures…

Ummm did someone say VODKA SLUSHIES!? Yes, please!!! (also pictured…fiancé) 

Oh and the most amazing food! 

Dole whip first thing in the morning! ✔️

Fried bread stuffed with bananas and covered in strawberries. ✔️ (Tonga Toast) and without the kiddos you don’t have to share yours! Because who wants to share amazing yummy food. 

Have you ever wanted to meet your favorite Disney characters??? It’s hard with kids to that because characters are supposed to engage with the kids….well as an adult enjoying Disney without the kids you get to let just say…have tea with Alice..

Tea with Alice in my birthday. 

Just chatting about impossible things.

Then it’s your turn to go into the gift stores and try in all the ears and hats! 

Muahahahaha!!! Sorry let’s get back on track… Finally you get to end the day with that moment when the light is just right over Space ship earth…when the day seems to slow down just for those few moments 

Then it’s off to the fireworks… I hope everyone gets a chance to experience at least one day at Disney kid free. 
*please note that yes I am always kid free, and that I’m sure there is a totally different type of magic that comes with that. I wanted to write this for anyone who thought maybe they couldn’t enjoy Disney because they didn’t have kids, for anyone who felt weird about going to Disney without kids, don’t feel weird or bad or anything else…there are A LOT of us out there*