So have you ever? 

Soooo have you ever had a meal no matter what it is that instantly brings you back to a certain time, and it feels like you are there in that moment from the past? 

I have a few meals like that, but most recently I had one that took my right back to high school on any given Saturday morning during football season.

I was in Marching Band, and football season always meant competition season! This is what we worked all summer for out in the unrelenting sun day after day, all day for months. 

We would show up at the school around 6:30/7 am to get in one more full practice of our show before it was time to load up the busses and go. 

Now anyone in sports or competition can tell you… There are some rituals that you always do before the big game, big competition what have you, and I was no different. 

Every Saturday I would stop at this little corner store that had a little restaurant grill thing in it, and I would get a breakfast bagel and a Yoo-hoo I would sit on the floor in the hallway of our quiet high school (except for the band people running around) with my friends and we would talk and laugh. 

The other day at work a coworker brought be a bagel sandwich and with that I walked to the corner store and grabbed a Yoo-hoo, came back and sat down to eat my delicious sandwich, and I was instantly in that hallway in my high school on any given Saturday during football season with my friends laughing without a care in the world. 

I love the power that food has to take you back to a time filled with memories. These memories are what I thought about that day as I ate my sandwich and drank my Yoo-hoo. Then I immediately texted my best friend who was also in band with me, and let her know I was thinking of her and some of our memories from band. 


I know… 

I know the title of this blog makes it seem like a food blog, but it’s not a food blog 100%  It’s more of a lifestyle blog from a girl who is always hungry. With that said… 

My best friend and I went to lunch the other day at Cheddars (if you have one in your area and haven’t gone I would highly recommend that you do)… The prices are good and the portions are huge!!! 

I was actually in the mood for a salad…it’s shocking for people who know me. Lol so I ordered the grilled chicken and blacked shrimp Asian salad. It was most delicious! 

So I did a thing…

So as most of you know from previous posts that I am getting married very very soon! 

So yeah super soon, lol. 

So in the midst of planning I was coming up with the same issue over and over again. I would get it figured out take it off my to do list just to have to put it back on…. Finding someone to marry us was seeming to be impossible! 

I get it, we are getting married on a Thursday at 9 am, but I still didn’t think it would be this hard to find someone… Well now my MOH (maid of honor) and one of my best friends got ordained, and she is going to marry us. 

Ok so now to the thing… I GOT ORDAINED TOO! I was inspired to do this because of my own impossible search to find someone. Now there is one more person in the world who can marry happy couples, and help make their special day just a little better. 

I am super excited about this step and journey, and I can’t wait to marry someone. 

So if you follow my blog and you are in the South Florida area and are getting married or know someone who is have them email me! 

(Website coming soon) 

So I finally went to the beach yesterday….

So I finally went to the beach yesterday after I’m guessing like 2 years….I really really really needed the relaxing therapy only the beach can give… 

I bet right now you are thinking…I really need that right now!!! I’m jealous, I wish I was there…. 

As I sit on the beach an try to relax…I can’t, because as I’ve gotten older the more stuff I have to schlep to the beach… Sunscreen (which I absolutely hate because it feels so gross) and umbrella because no sun for me because Melanoma is a real thing kids! Chairs because I’m too damn old to sit in the sand…drinks…food…etc…etc..etc… ugh what a pain!!! 

So I’m sitting on the beach, in my chair, under my umbrella, covered in sunscreen (gross) I think about going in the water…because all I really wanted to do want float around…weeell the live feed that I checked before we drove out the the beach much have been like on a loop from another day when it was really calm…nope. If you are in the mood for wave jumping this was the day at the beach for you… Not a good day for floating…. 

I did find this cool shell with like a barnacle in it… 
Long story short… The older I get the more drawn to the pool I am. 

Hey check this guy or gal out! 

So I come home from the beach today, and what do I see in front of my gate?? A turtle, not really a big deal but it was neat.

Get out of the car to check him or her out 

I’m not sure what type of turtle it is, maybe it was someone’s pet turtle it didn’t seem scared to have a person that close to it… Little sucker was fast too!!! Hmm maybe I should have entered him I’m a turtle race! 

When was the last time???

You wrote a letter??? Actually sat down, and put pen to paper. Well I recently joined a penpal group loosely accociated with the running club I’m in (that is a whole other post). I joined because I thought you know what…it would be nice to get a letter every once in a while instead of just junk and bills…

The same day I joined I started thinking to myself, why did I join this penpal program??? I’m terrible at timely responses by snail mail…I mean ask my mom she is still waiting on a gift I got her for Mother’s Day like 4 years ago… Yeah I know I’m terrible about going to the post office and stamps and mailing and shipping… 

Well I had decided that I was going to get a jump on this penpaling (I don’t know if this is a real word, but it is now) as soon as I got matched up with my penpal I started writing! 

I love colorful letters, so that’s exactly what I did! I used different colored gel pens, drew little pictures with markers I was ahead of the game!!!

Then it happened! I got busy…then I got more letters!!! (Because there is a spreadsheet with everyone’s address so you can write whom ever you like) ahhhh so many letters!!! ( ok really only 4, but for someone like me it was a lot lol) 

Well I finally sat down, took a deep breath, and took the time to write responses to all of them. 

Now I bet you are asking, but did you mail them??? Why, yes…yes I did! They went out yesterday! 

I can’t wait to get responses, and get to know my penpals, and hopefully add more penpals in the future.