Anyone else…

Absolutely HAAAAATE Cilantro!? Ugh it tastes like soap!!! Now with that being said… I can usually handle a little bit of it…as my favorite taco place uses it and I deal lol. 

But I got this Chopped Asian salad ( yes one of those bag ones…judge me if you want but they are delicious) and normally again there isn’t too much cilantro in it and I can deal… but they must have used the WHOLE FREAKING PLANT this time!!! 

Cilantro is the worst! Gross little soap plant!!! 


OMG Nake Chicken Chips….

Are AMAZING!!! I know what you’re thinking… chicken nuggets from Taco Bell?! No way! They can’t be good… 

Well Taco Bell hit it right out of the park with these crispy little nuggets…chicken nuggets that is… and the nacho cheese… is actually the perfect dipping sauce for these crisp chicken chips, and unlike some other places who are super stingy with their nugget dipping sauces…Taco Bell gives you plenty of cheese! 

Ooooh Taco Bell… I am definitely a fan of your naked chicken chips and I can’t wait to eat them again!