So I finally went to the beach yesterday….

So I finally went to the beach yesterday after I’m guessing like 2 years….I really really really needed the relaxing therapy only the beach can give… 

I bet right now you are thinking…I really need that right now!!! I’m jealous, I wish I was there…. 

As I sit on the beach an try to relax…I can’t, because as I’ve gotten older the more stuff I have to schlep to the beach… Sunscreen (which I absolutely hate because it feels so gross) and umbrella because no sun for me because Melanoma is a real thing kids! Chairs because I’m too damn old to sit in the sand…drinks…food…etc…etc..etc… ugh what a pain!!! 

So I’m sitting on the beach, in my chair, under my umbrella, covered in sunscreen (gross) I think about going in the water…because all I really wanted to do want float around…weeell the live feed that I checked before we drove out the the beach much have been like on a loop from another day when it was really calm…nope. If you are in the mood for wave jumping this was the day at the beach for you… Not a good day for floating…. 

I did find this cool shell with like a barnacle in it… 
Long story short… The older I get the more drawn to the pool I am. 


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