When was the last time???

You wrote a letter??? Actually sat down, and put pen to paper. Well I recently joined a penpal group loosely accociated with the running club I’m in (that is a whole other post). I joined because I thought you know what…it would be nice to get a letter every once in a while instead of just junk and bills…

The same day I joined I started thinking to myself, why did I join this penpal program??? I’m terrible at timely responses by snail mail…I mean ask my mom she is still waiting on a gift I got her for Mother’s Day like 4 years ago… Yeah I know I’m terrible about going to the post office and stamps and mailing and shipping… 

Well I had decided that I was going to get a jump on this penpaling (I don’t know if this is a real word, but it is now) as soon as I got matched up with my penpal I started writing! 

I love colorful letters, so that’s exactly what I did! I used different colored gel pens, drew little pictures with markers I was ahead of the game!!!

Then it happened! I got busy…then I got more letters!!! (Because there is a spreadsheet with everyone’s address so you can write whom ever you like) ahhhh so many letters!!! ( ok really only 4, but for someone like me it was a lot lol) 

Well I finally sat down, took a deep breath, and took the time to write responses to all of them. 

Now I bet you are asking, but did you mail them??? Why, yes…yes I did! They went out yesterday! 

I can’t wait to get responses, and get to know my penpals, and hopefully add more penpals in the future. 


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