What’s the deal with wedding planning?

Ok so my fiancé and I have literally been together forever (ok about 9.5 years) but this June on the 16th (our 10 year anniversary!) we are FINALLY doing it… tying the knot…the old ball and chain…etc etc etc… but in this process of planning the smallest ( literally we were planning on at the most 10 people attending…it’s a Thursday, and it’s a “destination” wedding Disney World here we come!) most simplest of weddings…it has been chaos and stressful! There is no such thing as an easy wedding to plan and never let anyone tell you there is! 

Wedding planning is giving me this face right here^ #rootsfordays (don’t judge my roots I have an appointment before the wedding! Geez get off my back about it already 😜) 

I definitely can say that I haven’t had the same experience that most brides have. Unless I’ve had a delusion about how brides are treated when planning their weddings…. Expectation…excitement when you talk about your wedding (to anyone and everyone)… Desire to make the bride’s experience when contacting an establishment stress free and easy…a willingness to make the bride happy (even the biggest bridezilla *which I am not* I mean it’s their day and their money), but this isn’t want I have experienced… I have been yes’d to death, I’ve been blown, and brushed off…I’ve been told to calm down when all of a sudden I went from having a 20 party reservation with a Disney Resturant to no reservations and no one wanted to help ( I know I was very shocked to have that experience with Disney), they quickly found my reservations after the 4th time I called… ( I just wanted to confirm the reservations and to call the Resturant and have them tell you there is nothing for you is stressful), but it hasn’t been all terrible… There are some super fun things planned for pictures and I can’t wait to share them all

because can you have too many bubbles??? I think not! 

Our future is so bright we need shades! I mean seriously though how fun are these going to be in pictures?!

Even with all the stress I am super excited to finally get married to my best friend. Also I still want to be a wedding planner…maybe because I feel no bride should feel blown off for her wedding, but that’s for another post. 


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